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NEW: Confronting Gender Bias in Policing [PDF]
Shortly after a 2015 ACLU report on gender bias in police response to domestic violence and sexual assault, the DOJ issued new guidelines addressing the role of gender bias in DV/SA investigations. The DOJ guidance also addressed a long-buried problem: police-perpetrated domestic violence. This article questions how departments may implement the DOJ guidance when the perpetrator is one of their own. It appears that victims' safety and protection are not of primary concern. Instead, the focus is on protecting the reputation of the law enforcement agencies and maintaining public trust.
NEW: A Rigged System: Why Victims of Police Don't Report [PDF]
Reporting crime is difficult for many victims, but when the perpetrator is in law enforcement reporting can be futile as well as dangerous. Gender and racial bias within the police culture shield officers from accountability for illegal use of force and civil rights violations, especially when the victim is female or black. Under the Obama administration, the DOJ found gender and racial biases rampant in police culture; under the Trump administration, the DOJ is undermining the civil rights of women and people of color.
COMING SOON: Blinded by the Right (Excerpt)
In 2013, I released Hijacked by the Right in which I explained how the Religious Right was waging a stealth campaign to take over battered women's programs through the Family Justice Center Alliance. I discovered to my mounting horror the strong influence of the Religious Right and social conservatives not only in the Battered Women's Movement but in law enforcement, our government, even business. Powerful individuals were positioning themselves or already occupying positions of power in government, law enforcement, and business. They are intent on returning America to its fundamental roots: god, country, and family. This article brings us up to date.
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As a victim of a police officer, your situation is very different than that of other domestic violence victims.

Police Domestic Violence Handbook for Victims

Women whose abusers are in law enforcement face extraordinary challenges. The Handbook, written specifically for survivors of police-perpetrated domestic violence, explores the dynamics of officer-involved domestic violence.

Victim Handbook



An advocate is the one person who is there solely for the victim.

Legal & Policy Issues

Attorneys and legal advocates face extraordinary challenges when representing woman whose batterers are in law enforcement; standard legal strategies and safety planning simply don't work.

Hijacked by the Right: Battered Women in America’s Culture War

Domestic violence has become the new front of the war on women. Family Justice Centers are changing services for all women and their families.


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Hijacked by the Right


Police Culture

Training and values affect how officers and departments respond to OIDV.

Crossing the Threshold: Female Officers & Police Perpetrated Domestic Violence

Police training and culture affects officers' personal relationships. It's always a volatile situation when a police officer is the perpetrator; but what happens when both the abuser and victim are officers?

Crossing the Threshold


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