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Diane Wetendorf is a life-long advocate who pioneered the field of police officer-involved domestic violence. Her work has resulted in thousands of advocates learning how to safely help survivors, and untold numbers of battered women knowing "they are not alone, they are not exaggerating, and they are certainly not crazy."

Diane is the author of Police Domestic Violence: A Handbook for Victims, the first book written specifically for survivors of police-perpetrated domestic violence; When the Batterer Is a Law Enforcement Officer: A Guide for Advocates; as well as Crossing the Threshold: Female Officers and Police-Perpetrated Domestic Violence, a ground-breaking book for women in law enforcement. Her latest book, Hijacked by the Right: Battered Women in America's Culture War, closely examines how domestic violence has become the new front of the war on women. Her careful analysis of the Family Justice Center movement shows how political and religious conservatives are impacting social services and opportunities for all women and their families.

In 1996, while director of counseling for a community domestic violence agency, Diane created a unique program which provided specialized counseling, legal and advocacy services for victims of officer-involved domestic violence. She worked collaboratively with police departments to develop policies, provided systemic advocacy to professionals nationwide, trained community advocates, and provided thousands of hours of individual and group counseling. In 2002, Diane established an independent corporation dedicated to providing advocacy, training, and consulting services specific to police-perpetrated domestic violence. Diane has extensive experience conducting workshops and seminars for local, state and national audiences. Topics included victim safety and intervention, the unique dynamics due to the abuser's profession, working with survivors who are also in law enforcement, and collaboration between advocates and law enforcement agencies. She served as an expert witness in the U.S. and Canada, and was a consultant to the Battered Women's Justice Project.

Diane is now retired from active training and consulting.


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Diane Wetendorf, Inc.

Diane is now retired from active training and consulting.

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